Offers for your family vacation

This holiday is only for you and your family

Family vacation the fun way. Jokester, crafter, referee and quick-changing artist - all this and more describes the Trixi hosts that are up for anything fun. All year round they come up with a family program that involves plenty of fresh air and adventure. Starting at the trixi club house in the Trixi village, they lead you onto treasure hunts, soccer tournaments, buggy rallies, sledding fun, or adventure hikes into the region. Here you find your adventure and for the daytrips we recommend you the "Freizeitknüller" /
leisure blockbuster of the upper lusatia.

3 Nights at vacation home

"Trixi Saurierstark" from 439,00 Euro

5 Nights at vacation home

"Kindertraumurlaub" from 469,00 Euro

3 Nights at vacation home

"Familienpaket" from 595,00 Euro

Time for holiday for kids, adults and the grandparents

It´s qualitytime for the whole family!


Family room

with a fantastique view to the mountains

  • 2 double rooms with door to connect
  • breakfast at the restaurant "Gute Stube"
  • fun at indoor pool Trixi-Bad
  • Fun and joy at the Trixi club house