Trixis courses

It's fun and keeps you healthy!

Top fit for the everyday life and invigorated for new challenges after an active visit to the Trixi-Pool. Enjoy the feeling of exercising along like-mined individuals. Water aerobics, a powerful program for all who like to move to the music, is offered on 5 evenings a week.

  • 1 course consists of 10 course hours

  • 100,00 € per course (Childrens swim classes 92,00 €)

  • New courses start quarter-yearly

  • Trail-classes possible (at 12,50 € for 1 hour)

  • Many health insurance companies offer (partial) assumption of costs. Please check with your insurance!

For more information, dates & registration please call +49 -35841-631-0 or email

TRIXIs course catalogue

  • Baby swimming
    – 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    It's a special experience for a new family! The goal of this course is to acquaint baby through touch and discovery with the comfortably warm water and build a first sense of self confidence and self assurance. Even harmonic movements in the water train the sense of balance and stimulate the brain. In addition time spent in the water has a positive affect on the child development: the cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as motor activity and body control are stimulated and muscle and connective tissues are strengthened. Additionally, baby swimming helps the child to develop an improved coenaesthesia and to improve the immune system.
  • Childrens swim classes for children from age 5
    – 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    This course consists of 3 parts: getting used to water - managing water - swimming class. The children get acquainted with water in a playful way and are taught some swimming basics like diving, gliding and jumping. Every child is improving their coordination and endurance. In the following course hours the child will learn the breaststroke technique. The ultimate goal is to get awarded the beginners swimming badge »Seepferdchen«.
  • Toddler swimming
    - 10 course hourse of 60 minutes each
    In connection with the baby swim class little ones -under usage of floating devices- are getting prepared for future swim classes. Here they will practice gliding in breast and back position, jumping into the water and diving. Kids are taught to feel comfortable in the water. And to give children a safe feeling in the water and to aid in their physical development is the goal of this course.
  • Healthy back thru back exercises in the water
    – 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    The vertebral column is a sophisticated stability center of our body. For the vertebral column to fulfill her duty strong abdominal and back muscles are needed. The better your core muscles are developed the better the chances that you won't experience back pain or problems. Regular back exercises not only help to ease or eliminate existing back pain but also help to prevent back pain from occurring at all. In addition to exercises and relaxation techniques this course will teach you about spine friendly behavior in water.
  • Aquafitness
    - 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    This course is a power program in water designed for everyone who loves to move to music and want to train their body. The chest deep water offers the best condition to train arms, core, bottom and legs. Aqua fitness will not only increase your strength and endurance but also your flexibility. In comparison to regular aqua fitness courses this course combines aqua aerobic and aqua jogging elements.
  • Aqua-Power
    - 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    Aqua-Power means a power program in shoulder deep water. Train your physical fitness, strength and endurance through intensive interval training. You will use different aqua equipment and increase fat burning and your fitness. Aqua-Power is also an ideal substitute for sportsmen and women during winter break.
  • Sport swim training
    - 10 course hours at 60 minutes each
    This course is for all the sportsmen out there that want to improve their swimming.
    The goal of this course is to learn or improve your crawl stroke technique, but individual training goals may be incorporated too. Use your chance to train with a professional trainer, get tips on how to improve and prepare for your (next) triathlon!
  • Schwim training at the outdoor pool
    During the summer months we will train every Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the outdoor pool! Are you training for a triathlon or just trying to improve your technique? The outdoor pool has perfekt conditions for effective training with our trainer Steffen.
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