• Idyllic Comfort Zone
  • Idyllic Comfort Zone
  • First class camping experience
  • Fun beyond the edge of the pool
  • Saxonys family friendliest holiday park.
  • Trixi recharges the batteries
  • Here you can do everything.
    But you don't have to.
  • Unwind and relax
  • Fun vs. Boredom 7:0

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10 Gründe, sich in die Oberlausitz zu verlieben

12. April 2017
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Here you can do everything. But you donʻt have to.

The Trixi Holiday Park is idyllically located at the edge of the forest at the foot of the Zittauer Mountains. Here you can here the birds sing and the crickets chirp. The guests of our 96 neat vacation homes are listening to this concert. Our homes are completely furnished and come in different sizes so that they offer best comfort to couples, families or bigger groups alike. Part of the Holiday Park is a family-friendly camp ground with modern facilities, the TRIXI-Pool with indoor pool, sauna, spa area and outdoor pool and many sports- and leisure activities. Starting from the Trixi Park our guest get to enjoy year-round the leisure offers of the textile village Grossschönau, the resort village of Waltersdorf and the entire area.
  • Go outdoors!

    Trixis family campground and the all-around carefree package
  • Dream family vacation

    Happy children and relaxed parents - the family-friendliest holiday park in Saxony.
    Vacation homes
  • Moms kitchen closed!

    Enjoy the best time of the year and let yourself be pampered and spoiled.


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