Sun, Fun and Beach

10-Meter-Diving tower

... at the bigest outdoor pool in the area

  • 10 meter diving tower

  • Walrus slide TRIXI

  • 20.000 square meter water area, separated in 8.000 sq m swimmer and 12.000 sq m non-swimmer

  • 100 m and 50 m laps

  • Handicapped accessible

  • Boating lake with row boats for hire

  • Playground, beach volleyball, Ping-Pong, badminton, soccer area, miniature golf, street ball, chess and checkers

  • Lawns, beach chairs

  • Concession stand

  • Water-Sand-Play area and toddler playground

Walrus slide TRIXI
Walrus slide TRIXI
Water-Sand-Play area
Water-Sand-Play area
Natural pool with mountain spring water
Natural pool with mountain spring water
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